Meet Our Fur Babies

Yoda is our oldest and first dog together. He is a miniature black and tan dachshund. I gave my husband Yoda as a gift for his birthday in 2008.


Zoey is our only female miniature black and tan dachshund and was a gift to me one summer. She is really funny because she loves alcoholic beverages.


Zeus is our big baby, a Belgium Malinois. He enjoys playing with the dachshund younglings.


Zero is Zoey and Yoda’s firstborn. He is the sweetest little dachshund, he steals my heart.


Chewie is Zoey and Yoda’s last born. He is unique in his color, chocolate, and tan with green to hazel eyes. He has like 500 names, Chewie, Croqueta, Hershey, etc. He has a large personality.