The Nerves


This week is a very exciting week for us. On Friday, my husband and I will begin our first day of stimulation. I cant help but feel both excited and nervous to begin this journey. 

Here is a bit of our story. My husband and I have been trying to begin a family since 2013. During this time I was in graduate school and working full time. We obtained several medical opinions in our quest. We participate in several procedures to obtain a family. We had several positive pregnancy tests with miscarriages shortly after. This emotional roller coaster was more than we could bare at times. What kept adding to the emotions were people asking, “When are you having a baby?”

April 2018, we decided enough is enough!!! We are going to target this problem head on. After running all the exams for the third time, tests revealed no medical issues or concerns. SO WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?! We decided that we are tired of trying and being unsuccessful, therefore, we decided to begin the IVF process. 

If you are interested in following this process with us, we will be documenting our journey here.