Transfer Day

Finally transfer day was here, December 13th. I was surprisingly calm during the whole morning, I even decided to clean the whole house so I won’t have to worry about it. The transfer occurred at 12:15 pm and they had me come in with a full bladder. I actually over filled mine and had to go empty it out a bit. The whole transfer went by fairly quickly and we were provided a photo of our embryo at the end. I was to be on mandatory bed rest for the next 48 hours.

I did feel a bit of cramping and discomfort on the left side, however, it was manageable. Everything seemed to be going well, now the 10 day wait to see if it worked!

Progesterone Oil Injection Day 1

Today was Day 1 of my Progesterone oil injection. I was so terrified, I was on the edge. I warmed up the oil with my hands for a few minutes prior to extracting the oil from the vile, attached the extracting needle, 22 gauge. Funny story, I thought that was the needle I was supposed to use to inject myself, thank goodness that I clarified it with my Doctor’s office because that needle is HUGE. I continued the preparation process by switching the needle to the injection one which is an 18 gauge (much better) for the injection. My husband and I had a pretend test run yesterday morning to make both of us feel a bit more comfortable with this entire process, that is now part of our morning routine. We decided that laying down on the bed would be easier for us. So I moved all the materials required to the bed and there it went. I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it. We both were waking up last night from our anxiety. I applied all the advice that I had received from fellow IVF warriors and nurses. I fell like the after effects, slight discomfort, is worse than the actual processes of the injection. I am proud to say is that my husband is a trooper. Although we were both very anxious He did a great job. Day 1 is done! We are one step closer to our miracle.

Moving On

This Thursday, December 6th I had our appointment to see the development of the lining and my progesterone levels. According to our voicemail message, WE ARE GOOD TO GO! Our transfer is next week. Now that we are ready to go my last Lupron injection was on today. Lupron was a pleasant injection, it did not burn, the injection needle was small. I think I actually might miss that injection. However, this now means that tomorrow is my first progesterone oil injection and I AM TERRIFIED. The needle is larger and I am asking my husband to administer the injection. We will see how tomorrow morning goes. Wish us luck!

Welcoming 33

On November 30th I turned 33. It was a bittersweet moment. Year 32 was incredible. I graduated from my master’s program, welcomed my niece, updated our home, working in a location that I love, and presented the National Convention for Speech-Language Convention. Although 32 was memorable, I can’t help but feel empty. Throughout the night, I found myself sitting alone and reflecting on my life thus far. My life has been great, I can’t complain. However, it has been challenging and I have had to overcome adversity. Now I face one of the largest adversities yet. Wishing for the best year yet.

What is going on?!?!?!

For the past few months, I have been someone I do not even know. I have always been somewhat spontaneous and like to change things around. However, I have been on the extreme end of the scale recently. It started with changing just about all the light fixtures and light bulbs in the house, followed by cleaning out all the closets. Now to the most recent changes have been in the master. We are getting new bedroom furniture and painting the interior walls of the house. Although I have no idea what is going on with me, I can’t help but like the changes that I am seeing. It has been a lot of work for my husband and I, as well as our family members; however, it is going to be worth it in the end. I can’t wait to show you before and after photos of the finished master bedroom and bath. I am obsessed!!!

Phase 2 Has Begun

On Sunday was the start of phase 2! As you can imagine, I was excited, anxious, and dreading for this day to arrive… and it finally did. I have to say I was expecting worse. I was expecting it to burn and hurt, but for it was completely the opposite. Today was day 2 and the only side effect I am feeling is nausea. I am not sure if it is the combination of the birth control and Lupron together or if it is Lupron alone. We will find out soon, Sunday is the last day of me taking the birth control pills. I am sure my husband is happy about that since those things make me crazy.

Finally A Date

After several days speaking to the nurse coordinator in regards to a new transfer day, we finally found one that worked the best. The new transfer date is now mid-December, which I was trying to avoid because of the holidays. At this point, since nothing else worked, I am letting it be. I am a planner, a perfectionist, want to be everyone’s shoulder to lean on and the one to kick some a$$ if I need to, but this process has taught me to let go of who I am and let go of those things that I want to do and to leave it in God’s hands. We can not control every aspect of our life’s and as much as I try to, it is one of the hardest battles I have with myself. I have to realize, I am NOT perfect and I can NOT control everything. God is both of those and he has a plan.

OH NO!!!!

Ugh… I got the call that our transfer day is being postponed. Our doctor is going on a well deserved vacation from mid October and will return on November 4th. She stated that we do not need to have the transfer with her and we can go with one of the other doctors at the clinic. After thinking about it for about 0.5 of a second, we decided that we wanted our doctor to do our transfer. Therefore, we are looking at a possible transfer date in early November date.

I have not been very open about it, but a proposal I submitted with my mentor in speech has been accepted as a poster presentation at our national convention (American of Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)) in Boston in mid November. Presenting at ASHA is something I have always dreamed of and would try very hard not to miss. If we would be able to have the transfer on November 4th (which is unlikely), I would be on a flight to Boston on November 14th, just ten days after transfer. I am not sure how comfortable I would feel getting on a plane so soon after the transfer. In addition to this, I would have to travel with my medications as well, which the doctor will provide me with a note for TSA purposes.

Since we had to change our date anyways, we are thinking about a date that will work best for us. We are thinking of changing our transfer day until the end of November. I will keep you posted.