Retrieval Day is HERE!!! The day before the retrieval you meet with a medical assistant, they tell you what to wear (pants, socks, full underwear). I wore my Retrieve Believe Conceive shirt from Bitty and Boho, black pajama pants, and my Jack socks from Jill (instagram handle mydisneyart21) that read “Baby Super Freak”. All the nurses and the doctor loved them. We got to the doctor’s office at the exact time they asked us to be there. They called me in a few minutes later. Surprisingly, I was calm. My blood pressure was in the normal range, which never happens when I got to the IVF doctor. They had me go to the restroom to empty my bladder and undress from the waist down. I was given a gown to wear, I sat on the chair, and the preparation began. The needle for the IV was difficult. At first they found a vein on my hand that would of been perfect, however, the vein collapsed. Ugh! So the nurse went for a vein on the wrist. As the nurse was inserting the needle, I began to see stars. Thank goodness she was able to get the vein. Shortly after she inserted the needle, I began to feel nauseous, hot, I began to sweat and felt like I was going to pass out. They began to fan me and gave me alcohol pads to help. It wasn’t working but thankfully the individual that was going to administer the anesthesia walked in to give me something to help. When my doctor arrived, we spoke briefly and she sent my husband out of the room. I actually did not know that the anesthesia had already been administer and before I knew it they were waking me up. According to the nurse’s report, the first thing I said once coming out of anesthesia was, “I want a burger and fries”, apparently I was really hungry. Secondly, the nurse informed me about the amount of follicles that were removed, there were 22, my remark to that news was, “I want them all”. After that, I was moved to the recovery room were I sat and drank my Gatorade. In order to be sent home you had to use the restroom. We were walking out of the doctor’s office about 2 hours later. The remainder of the day was resting since I was on bed rest for 24 hours.

Overall, the experience was pleasant. In the hours following I did feel soreness and the doctor said it was like having 22 bruise on my ovaries. The day following was a bit difficult, I felt sore and bloated the whole day. The 3rd day after the retrieval was better.