Waiting from Day 0 to Day 5/6

The waiting from retrieval day (Day 0) to Day 5/6 of the embryos was not as terrible as I thought. It could be that I kept my mind occupied with other things, like work, or if I was focused on recovering. During this time, I was preparing for a fresh transfer, which consisted of inserting a vaginal progesterone cream and pill. At the injection class, they tell you to place the pill on the progesterone cream applicator to make it easier. However, it was not as easy as they seemed. The pill would melt or get stuck on the applicator. Ugh it was so frustrating. I just kept telling myself, “you can only do your best”. Someone did give me a really good idea, unfortunately I was not able to test it. She recommended to place the pill in the freezer or the refrigerator for about 10 minutes prior to inserting it to see if the pill will not fall apart. In case you find yourself in a similar situation, you may want to try it. I was instructed to begin in the morning 2 days post retrieval with the progesterone cream only. Beginning on Friday, I was to administer the cream twice a day and the pill once in the morning. Also mentioned during the injection class was that the your body will not absorb all the medication, and it was recommended for you to wear a panty liner. Throughout this process, every day was different, there were days that I did not have discharge and others that I did. Even to this day, I continue to discharge the medication as my body is adjusting and preparing for the cleansing. FYI, the cap of the progesterone cream applicator is removable… don’t ask LOL.