Progesterone Oil Injection Day 1

Today was Day 1 of my Progesterone oil injection. I was so terrified, I was on the edge. I warmed up the oil with my hands for a few minutes prior to extracting the oil from the vile, attached the extracting needle, 22 gauge. Funny story, I thought that was the needle I was supposed to use to inject myself, thank goodness that I clarified it with my Doctor’s office because that needle is HUGE. I continued the preparation process by switching the needle to the injection one which is an 18 gauge (much better) for the injection. My husband and I had a pretend test run yesterday morning to make both of us feel a bit more comfortable with this entire process, that is now part of our morning routine. We decided that laying down on the bed would be easier for us. So I moved all the materials required to the bed and there it went. I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it. We both were waking up last night from our anxiety. I applied all the advice that I had received from fellow IVF warriors and nurses. I fell like the after effects, slight discomfort, is worse than the actual processes of the injection. I am proud to say is that my husband is a trooper. Although we were both very anxious He did a great job. Day 1 is done! We are one step closer to our miracle.