OH NO!!!!

Ugh… I got the call that our transfer day is being postponed. Our doctor is going on a well deserved vacation from mid October and will return on November 4th. She stated that we do not need to have the transfer with her and we can go with one of the other doctors at the clinic. After thinking about it for about 0.5 of a second, we decided that we wanted our doctor to do our transfer. Therefore, we are looking at a possible transfer date in early November date.

I have not been very open about it, but a proposal I submitted with my mentor in speech has been accepted as a poster presentation at our national convention (American of Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)) in Boston in mid November. Presenting at ASHA is something I have always dreamed of and would try very hard not to miss. If we would be able to have the transfer on November 4th (which is unlikely), I would be on a flight to Boston on November 14th, just ten days after transfer. I am not sure how comfortable I would feel getting on a plane so soon after the transfer. In addition to this, I would have to travel with my medications as well, which the doctor will provide me with a note for TSA purposes.

Since we had to change our date anyways, we are thinking about a date that will work best for us. We are thinking of changing our transfer day until the end of November. I will keep you posted.