The Wait & Results

Finally, December 24th was approaching. On December 23rd, we received a call about our appointment, it was canceled. The doctor’s office called on the 23rd canceling our appointment and asked us to call back on the 24th to reschedule it since the office will be open. I found that super strange that they would call and cancel our appointment, yet ask us to call on the 24th to reschedule. On December 24th my husband and I decided to show up and see what happens. When we got there they drew my blood and said that they may not get the results for a couple of days. At 2:02 pm, I received a call from “No Caller”. I usually screen my calls and had an internal battle of whether or not to answer. I decided to go ahead and answer and I was so happy I did. It was the call we were waiting for our beta test came back positive. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! We were very excited, yet very scared because we had received this news in the past. The nurse asked us to go back on December 26th for another test to make sure my levels were doubling.

On December 26th, we went back and received a call around 2:30 stating that my levels were now at 196. We are so happy so see that everything was going well. We were instructed to come back on December 28th for our final beta test. On December 28th we went back and my levels were 455. At this appointment, they also drew blood to test my thyroid levels.  We were so happy to hear this news and it was hard to believe that this was happening to us.

Next step the ultrasound in two weeks, they did not have an appointment on January 11th. Our appointment was January 15th at 2:30!!

Cravings so far have been: banana chips, empanadas, burgers (especially from Shake Shack), and Shake Shack Cookies And Cream shakes.

Food aversion has been chicken.