Thyroid Level Results

On January 7th I received a call in regards to the thyroid levels and they were high. Of course, I googled what causes an increase in thyroid levels and the effects on pregnancy. I immediately freaked out! I missed the call from the doctor’s office, therefore, I sent an email to the office since it was after hours. The next morning, I waited for them to get back to me. The nurse informed me that she sent the prescription and the pharmacy stated I would be able to get the medication in the afternoon. The pharmacist informed me that I was to begin taking it in the morning on an empty stomach and my prenatal vitamin was to now be taken in the afternoon. Therefore, I took the medication as instructed starting on January 9th. My other medications remained the same, including the dosage of my hormones. I was to come back on January 29th for another blood test to make sure that the medication was being effective.