Nutritionist Meeting

We had the appointment with the nutritionist to see if I could be cleared to start planning our second transfer hopefully in May or so I thought. The nutritionist begins by introducing herself and then quickly moved on to the results, which indicated that it wasn’t going to be that simple and there are a few things that need to be corrected in order to be cleared. Here are the results: I have two copies (one from each parent) of the Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR for short), low total glutathione, high levels of absolute eosinophils, and low levels of vitamin D. As you can imagine, I was in shock to hear about the imbalances I had. Due to these results and concerns, I have been placed on an anti-inflammatory diet and on several supplements. The nutritionist also stated that is going to need to be a life changing event and I would have to continue under her care prior, during, and post pregnancy because these levels can fluctuate.

Now, I can totally follow a diet, however, this diet is VERY complex and time-consuming in regards to prep time. If you know me very well, you know that bread is MY LIFE and I cannot live without it, BUT… there is NOT one carb on this diet, NO wraps, NO wheat sliced bread, NOTHING. I had a very hard time accepting this change, so prior to starting the diet I consumed a twin pack of 16 Hawaiian Bread in a span of three days. I kid you not, feel free to ask my husband, parents, and friends. I also drank wine and Diet Coke for the whole weekend straight. In total, I think I gained like 10 pounds. I had blood work for the natural killer (NK) cell test that following Monday and I was very dehydrated that my blood was not flowing.

On Monday, April 15th the diet started in full swing. I am hoping that in 2 months we will be ready for our second transfer.  So far the food is not terrible, it is definitely different from what I am used to eating, the food does not have much flavor since it is low on sodium. A benefit of this is that I wanted to lose some weight and this is definitely going to help me with that. Wish me luck!