Hi!! I am so sorry for the crazy long hiatus that happened unexpectedly. It has been about two years since I have updated my blog. These past years have been an emotional rollercoaster. The rest of 2019 was all about preparing my body for a transfer that was planned for November 6th. With prayers and science, the transfer happened and we were pregnant and expecting our little peanut. The heart beat and all this time!!! We announced to our parents on Christmas Day. On January 18th, we took a quick one day trip to “Our Happiest Place” on Earth, Disney to take a photo announcing the news. We have been dreaming to take this photo for 7 years, it was incredible to think that we were getting the opportunity to finally do it. We announced it to our brothers and close family on Sunday, January 19th and made a post on January 20th. It seemed unreal!

Velasquez brothers and sister-in-laws
Best Dada to be and beat Uncles to be in the Galaxy

We were finalizing our gender reveal party for March and beginning the preparations for the baby shower. The week before our gender reveal, the world closed. As you can imagine we were a bit worried of the unknown, but we still wanted to enjoy this blessing. So we had a virtual gender reveal! We announced we were expecting a girl!!! Albert and I knew, funny story about that, however, the rest of our family and friends weren’t aware of what we were having. It was so much fun to share it with everyone!

Gender Reveal
Football popper

Our baby shower ended up being a drive-by baby shower, it was so much fun! The count down began to when we would meet our Peanut!

Baby shower cake

Due to my health conditions the doctor recommended an induction at 39 weeks, that is going to have it’s own post coming soon. I went to the hospital on July 20th for the induction and Peanut was born July 23rd.

39 weeks in

Today, she is 9 months old, 39 weeks! This week is also National Infertility Week! I woke up today and said it is time to get to writing again. Everyone’s infertility journey is so different and unique to them. However, most of us feel alone. My mom would always tell me, “this is more common than you realize, and there is nothing to be ashamed about”. She is right!

I will be posting soon to bring the blog up to date. I appreciate you stopping by.