The Day Has Arrived For the Ultrasound

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It was January 15th!!!!!!! I was nervous and excited to see how our baby was doing. It was the day we were going to see the baby and possibly hear the heartbeat. I have calculated using some websites and we were approximately 7 weeks and 3 days and making the due date August 31st, 2019. According to The Bump app, our baby is the size of a blueberry this week. 2:30 rolled around and we were at the office, the doctor was running late, but it was perfectly fine. Once the doctor arrived, they placed us in the room for the ultrasound, the doctor walked into the office to begin.

As you can imagine, we were all excited and she congratulated us on our pregnancy. She began the ultrasound. I do not think I was breathing out of excitement. Once the monitor unfroze, she said, “Something does not seem right”. As you can imagine my heart sank when I heard these words. She then continued with, “The baby seems smaller than it should be”. She measures it and says, “It seems as though the baby stop growing last week (week 6)”. I did not know what to say or how to take it, the only words I could say were, “Maybe we calculated it wrong.” My husband reacted quicker to the news than I did. The moment she discontinued the ultrasound, we started to explain the miscarriage processes to us and turned on the lights. That is when the news really hit me and I placed my face into the palms of my hands. All of a sudden, I flashed back to the movie UP when Ellie and Carl were at the doctor visit, which I then looked at my husband and said, “Sometimes I feel like our life is just like the movie UP”. The doctor continued to give us the instructions, such as discontinuing all hormone treatment, and what our next steps are, such as blood test that we should get done. It just happens that we had one last test we have not had done, a chromosome analysis.

Now we have to wait for the miscarriage to start and begin to heal from this loss.

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